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          Wholesale Basket Company

          Baskets and Gifts Online

          Welcome to the Wholesalebasketcompany.com! We try to offer the rock bottom prices on gift baskets. No flash, no frill, just good service and inexpensive prices!

          Archive for the 'Baby' Category

          Western Cowboy New Baby Gift Basket

          Saturday, February 2nd, 2008

          Giddy Up! Baby Basket
          This western inspired baby basket is sure to create quite a stir at the old corral. The plush horse basket is large enough to hold nursery necessities or favorite toys and cute enough to become a favorite pal for the new cowpoke in the family. Baby will cuddle […]

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          Babies Basic Wicker Gift Basket

          Friday, January 25th, 2008

          Baby Basics
          A wicker basket perfect for storing all the little things that the little one needs in the nursery is layered with one item after the other. Included is a super soft shawl blanket in pretty pastels and 6 inch teddy ready to cuddle. The itty bitty t-shirt will keep baby cozy. To protect baby’s […]

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