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          Wholesale Basket Company

          Baskets and Gifts Online

          Welcome to the Wholesalebasketcompany.com! We try to offer the rock bottom prices on gift baskets. No flash, no frill, just good service and inexpensive prices!

          Junk Food & Goodies Gift Basket

          Saturday, February 2nd, 2008

          The Junk Food Basket
          A staggering assortment of everything fun to eat. Whether you like Oreo cookies, Goldfish crackers, Slim Jim’s or popcorn, you’ll find something that satisfies the munchies. Do you enjoy chocolate chip cookies? Corn chips? Tortilla chips? They’re in here. What about sunflower seeds? Skittles? Corn Nuts? We have them too. We haven’t […]

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          Toast of Broadway Gourmet Gift Basket

          Friday, January 25th, 2008

          Toast of Broadway Gourmet Gift Basket
          A gorgeous basket lavishly filled. A gorgeous basket of interwoven strips of leather lavishly filled with an incredible assortment– Ghirardelli chocolate squares, East Shore dipping pretzels tin, Petit Soleil Bonbon au Chocolates, Aaron Bell pretzels, vanilla chocolate chunk cookies, Saraivanov caviar, crackers, Lindt truffles, Seattle Chocolate Bar, Auberge […]

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